Implementing the Right Internet Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Implementing the Right Internet Marketing Strategy for Your Business
Internet Marketing Strategy

understanding of digital marketing strategy the purpose of digital marketing strategy

In the current era of digitalization, many people access the latest information via the internet. Its use is also not just for the need to display information. However, nowadays it can also be used for business activities. One of them by implementing the right internet marketing strategy.


In this article, we will discuss what internet marketing is, the purpose of its implementation, strategies, and the benefits it has for the progress of a business. So, you can also try to implement it to create and develop an online business.


Understanding Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one type of marketing strategy that is carried out using the help of the internet through various media or online-based platforms. Examples of platforms that are often used are websites, email, blogs, search engines, and social media.


In addition, internet marketing can also be regarded as online marketing. Where, all marketing processes are carried out online with the help of existing digital technology. However, the marketing principle is not much different from conventional methods.


Internet Marketing Goals

The purpose of internet marketing itself is to get a wider and wider range of consumers. Through the internet network, we can connect with a much wider variety of sources and consumers. It's not even limited to just one area, but on a global scale.


About 68% of internet visitors make transactions for buying and selling goods or services. Therefore, the use of online platforms is also increasing and can be used to promote a product in the business you are running.


By doing promotions, consumers will be more aware and more interested in using your product. The more consumers who come, the better the visitor traffic from your website or platform will be. In addition, you can also provide various interesting and latest information through a blog in the form of writing articles.

Internet Marketing Strategy for Business

After knowing the meaning and purpose of internet marketing, the next step is to discuss internet marketing strategies to support your business needs.


1. Create a website

Lots of tutorials and training to help you create and develop a website. The purpose of making your own website is as a platform to introduce various types of services and information about your business and company.


Usually often referred to as a company profile website. If you do not have expertise in programming, then you can hand over the task of creating a website to a programmer or a company in the software house to help with your project.


Not all websites are created through manual website development, but for those of you who don't have basic coding, you can try using WordPress. The use of WordPress from year to year has increased.


By using the help of WordPress you do not need to know the programming language in detail, but you will choose some important features such as plugins to help the website creation process.

2. Increase traffic with the help of SEO

The next example of internet marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This work belongs to a strategy that is currently quite popular and is on the rise. Where, the main purpose of SEO is to increase company traffic, as well as perform optimization, both technically and non-technically.


So, your business website page can enter on the first page of Google. There are lots of optimizations that can be done using SEO principles. Starting from On Page, Off Page. As well as doing keyword research (keywords) to help you target products with existing market conditions.


3. Implement email marketing

Have you ever received a notification in your email containing content in the form of articles or advertisements related to the company's product services? Well, this example is also called email marketing.


This internet marketing strategy uses the help of platforms such as Gmail. Although usually there are still those who consider it as a spam. However, the real fact is that by doing promotions via email, the majority of consumers will check the messages sent to your email address.


This step has proven to be quite effective in attracting consumers to buy or use your products and services. Make sure to use good language and not make it difficult for consumers to buy the product.

4. Optimization of social media marketing

There are many ways to improve your product brand. One example of internet marketing that you can use is to link your account to various existing social media.


Marketing using social media marketing has proven to be quite effective. In social media itself, you can create various promotional media to introduce your brand's products.


Examples of social media that are most widely used today are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Where, on each of these social media platforms there is also a feature to introduce products through paid advertising. For example, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads.


5. Create a blog

If you have the interest and expertise to write, then it doesn't hurt to do the business. Creating a personal or company blog is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies.


Why is that? The most effective way to get visitor traffic is to create a website page to display various information in the form of articles. Make sure to make an article as well as do SEO optimization, so that the articles that have been created can enter the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) from Google.


6. Leverage Google My Business

The next example of internet marketing is utilizing the use of Google My Business. This feature was developed directly by Google to help every business owner, both medium and low level companies to register any information for this feature.

With Google My Business, you can provide various information such as adding your office address, working hours, website name, and so on. The main advantage is, your business or outlet will automatically be displayed on Google Maps.


7. Doing affiliate marketing

The last example of internet marketing is to join an affiliate program. For those of you who are still new and don't know affiliate programs, which are jobs that aim to promote products belonging to a company which, later if the product is successfully sold, will get a commission from the sale.


In order for the affiliate program to run well, then you must make sure to target and the right people to create and design content that is appropriate and can attract consumer interest. Most importantly, the affiliate program that you will join must be in the same industry as your business. So, you can understand the product or service better to achieve business goals.


Benefits of Internet Marketing for Business

Next, enter into a discussion of some of the benefits that can be obtained from using internet marketing.


1. Does not require large capital

First, you do not need a large capital to develop your business through the internet. You just need the right strategy, and do research on the competitors of your product.


2. A wider reach of customers

With the help of internet media, it can increase the scope or scope of customers broadly. So the relationships that you can get are not only in the regional or national scope. But also included in the scope of the global community.


 3. Process optimization and measurable performance

When using conventional business methods, the process of evaluating and monitoring business will be a little difficult when compared to the optimization process using online marketing methods. In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, marketing through the internet can provide business benefits in the long term.

4. Marketing activities made easier

The last benefit is that marketing activities become easier and faster. There is no limit to the place and time to carry out business processes, if you use internet marketing using the help of the internet. Then, most internet users also spend a lot of time on social media, forums, and blogs that can provide business benefits for you in terms of product promotion.



Internet marketing is one of the marketing activities carried out with the help of internet media on various existing digital platforms. For example, social media, blogs, forums, websites, and search engines.

The purpose of internet marketing itself is to get a wider range of consumers, as well as a means to promote business activities.

Examples of internet marketing strategies that can be done are by creating a website, SEO optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliates, creating a blog, and utilizing Google My Business.