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internet marketing, digital marketing is getting more attention than conventional marketing. So that you can get a variety of business inspiration

internet marketing company
internet marketing company

Best internet marketing company 2021

In today's internet era, digital marketing is getting more attention than conventional marketing. So that you can get a variety of business inspiration, it's a good idea to start following the following digital marketing sites.


As you know, in the world of business and especially online marketing, things are always changing. It is a true statement when we say, “every day is a different day.”


New technologies are launched and designed to make our lives easier, SEO is released regularly, and algorithms change (just like you change your plans to do the latest). Meanwhile, innovative social media platforms keep popping up.

So how can we keep up with these frequent changes?

Here's a list of eight websites that marketers can visit for daily news on digital marketing. These sites will help you stay up-to-date with market curves and make sure you are up to date with new trends, developments, and more.

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Digital marketing sites you should know:

1. Stacked Marketer  

Stacked Marketer is a daily newsletter and great news source for digital marketers. The content on the site is fresh and carefully curated.


What's great about this news source is that you can read their newsletter in less than 5 minutes. It's designed as a quick read to share new information, and easily apply it to your work.


You can expect to see case studies with a focus on performance along with reports compiled from leading platforms like Google and Facebook.

If you want to gather new and useful information in a short time,

subscribe to the site Stacked Marketer.


2. Blog Hubspot

Blog HubSpot dedicated to marketing, sales, agency and customer success content and a comprehensive resource for marketers. Their blog provides tips on how to create engaging content for your target audience and an annual social media report.


The Hubspot marketing blog even provides free templates for content calendars and content planning. They cover marketing campaigns and offer helpful takeaways. It offers an extensive source of information for professionals who want to learn how to become better marketers.


3. Marketing Land    

Marketing Land is a website dedicated to marketing news and management insights. Their team of in-house writers and guest contributors develop credible and useful content to teach readers about marketing.


They cover everything from social media to search engine optimization (or SEO/Search Engine Optimization) and search engine marketing (SEM).


Marketing Land hosts webinars and face-to-face and virtual events. A useful resource for researching marketing news, you can learn why Facebook ads fail and gain access to reports covering a wide range of marketing topics – from corporate SEO to B2B marketing automation platforms.


4. Backlinko Blog

The Backlinko blogs and newsletters provide SEO training and relationship building strategies. Started by Brian Dean, Backlinko is the go-to source for all things SEO.


For those who want data-driven content, once a month, Brian Dean shares an in-depth blog post covering a specific topic. In April 2020, the focus will be “Technical SEO: The Definitive Guide.” In a comprehensive guide, consisting of seven chapters, this post covers SEO basics, tips, case studies, and more.


If you want deep dives and intensive SEO insights, you will find Backlinko to be a useful website.


5. AllTop: E-commerce dan SEO    

AllTop gather top news and information in real-time Search topics and learn what's happening from trusted sources. For example, the topic of E-Commerce and SEO gathers information from popular sources such as Search Engine Journal, Moz, and NerdMarketing.


The Alltop E-commerce feed includes news related to new online business trends. Meanwhile, AllTop SEO feed includes SEO resources.


When you visit AllTop, select a specific topic and then review the latest headlines from dozens of sources organized on one page.

6. Distilled    

Distilled is an online marketing agency that offers a regularly updated blog to serve as an online marketing resource for businesses. Their website offers training courses and informational articles to help readers learn how to optimize blogs and SEO for beginners.


For example, they can teach you how to write title tags and how to rank your website using keywords.

7. Chief MarTec        

Chief MarTec, aka, Chief Marketing Technologist, is a site that covers the intersection of marketing and technology. Scott Brinker, Vice President of Ecosystems at HubSpot, teaches marketers how to use new technologies to optimize marketing performance.


Learn about the latest in agile marketing, cloud services, and more. Brinker explains in detail how marketing technology affects culture, strategy and management. You'll find articles like “7 laws of technology for marketers,” and learn how technology impacts the world of marketing.

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