Smart Tips for Using Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Business

Smart Tips for Using Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Business
instagram for business

Let's discuss one of the digital marketing media, namely Instagram, to increase business. It is no stranger that Instagram is currently the most popular social media for the community and the most widely used as a medium to support business.

We certainly already know the reason why IG is very popular with business people, from start-up businesses to large companies like Coca-Cola. That's why, you should immediately start using Instagram for business.

The fact is that many are still confused about how to start building a good IG account. Some have tried but many are in vain because they do not understand how.

It is mandatory to understand some basic things such as creating post content, bio descriptions, to how to advertise or promote.

Understand Instagram account content

Pictures or photos that show the products you are selling with a good appearance and can attract attention

Videos can be better and more interesting content. By using video your account is more alive so that it is more liked and trusted by the audience.

Written text that is easy to read, informative, educative, useful and can also be emotional so that it can be interesting to get interactions, both followers and not.

Making Great Content Posts

The requirement for your Instagram business to be liked must be to be able to present good content. Namely the types of content that the audience or Instagram users like.

With good and interesting posts, you can get higher engagement such as likes, shares, and comments. The higher the engagement, the more your IG account will increase in value in the Instagram algorithm

It would be even better if you have a team or can create your own product photos that look good and look attractive.

The better the content you post on your Instagram account, the better the quality of your business in the eyes of netizens who use IG, so that it automatically increases value and trust.

Copying Instagram Accounts with Similar Businesses

You can learn from Instagram accounts that are similar to the type or type of your business product. Look for those with lots of followers, good content, and high interaction.

Follow the account and observe how they update their feed, insta stories, highlights, biodata, etc. Learn how they manage well and try to apply it to your account.

But never steal content, if you want to regram please include the source.

Using the Right Hashtags

By default, the number of hashtags used in Instagram posts is only 3-15 hashtags, if it is less or more it will be less than the maximum.

Use hashtags that are most relevant to what you are posting and try not to force random hashtags to appear so that they seem irrelevant.

You can do research at the beginning what the right hashtags are related to the products you post on your Instagram account, use the most popular and relevant to the product.

Repost or Regram Other Account Posts

By reposting and providing sources that are related to the content, it will increase the social activity of your IG account.

Surely the account you regram also likes, and can give likes. This automatically increases engagement naturally and more easily.

It's even better if you can repost your product's user posts who share on their Ig, but sometimes it still doesn't work because no one has posted your product on their Ig.

Endorsement or Paid Promote

Every now and then try to use endorsements to account owners who have a lot of followers above 100K. Endorsement is one of the most common ways to increase consumer trust and attract attention to your account.

Prepare carefully the content that will be endorsed, don't come from promotions that actually make people lazy to see.

Endorsing is easy, but preparing content that can attract attention takes more effort, because if you don't, your endorsement costs will be in vain.

Using Instagram Marketing Tools

With the condition that you have started to be able to consistently manage accounts and post IG content every day, then Instagram tools from third parties will make it easier for you.

Just use tools made in Indonesia which will make it easier for you, with their quality is also very good, such as:

Virol, Gramcaster, Amelia etc

There are many benefits and advantages that you get by using Instagram marketing tools, one of which is increasing followers. But there is no guarantee that your followers will increase dramatically, come back again whether your post content is liked by netizens.

Use Instagram Ads

The last tip we recommend is IG Ads, where at this stage you already know what kind of content you like, what kind of posts get high engagement.

The term is before the war using large funds in the field of IG ads, you already have a variety of weapons that are ready for you to use.

From the results of these ads you can find out what types of ads are "winning ads" or get the best performance, because otherwise your Ads will be in vain.

Frequently Made Mistakes:

There are several mistakes that are often made when starting and even continuously by IG account owners, including:

Looking for followers in the wrong way, so that they do things that are not right, such as buying an account, using fake followers and so on. Having lots of followers is indeed one of the main goals, but the method must be right so that your business IG account is built properly and with quality

Spam sales content that is not pleasing to the eye and read. Images and words that are full of excessive offer sentences with images that can be considered lebay

Stealing the content of other accounts by posting without acknowledging the source.

Post feeds at will, suddenly one day posting 10 feeds and on another day there are no posts. This kind of post could be considered spam. Instagram likes accounts that post 1 or 2 a day but consistently.

Hopefully you can start building an Instagram account from the easiest and simplest things but can be of high quality to advance your business in the future.