How to advertise on tiktok for business

TikTok is a video sharing app released in September 2016. This application had received rejection in Indonesia because the content in it was considere

How to advertise on tiktok for business
tiktok for business

Why create ads on TikTok?

TikTok is a video sharing app released in September 2016. This application had received rejection in Indonesia because the content in it was considered less educational. But over time, as of September 2020 there are already about 30.7 million tiktok app users in Indonesia.


So, why should you create an ad on TikTok?


High popularity

The results of the Store Intelligent Data Digest report created by Sensor Tower in 2020 showed that TikTok was ranked first as the most downloaded application worldwide. This application succeeded in shifting the position of WhatsApp which had topped the most popular application ladder in 2019.

In addition, bytedance's application also managed to get almost 987 million downloads until 2020, both on the AppStore and Play Store, this figure reaches about 37% of the total TikTok downloads since its release.


Higher engagement rate

TikTok has 22.2 million active users in Indonesia per month. Another interesting fact, it turns out that tiktok users usually spend 52 minutes per day to access this application. That is, there are many opportunities to serve your ads.


Reporting from Katadata, TikTok has an engagement rate of about 5-9%, this figure is higher than Instagram which only has an engagement rate between 1-7%. This means that TikTok users are more active and interactive with the content they see, including ads.

It's often a trend on the internet.

How many times have you heard or read "It's a food that is trending on TikTok", "Know this product from TikTok", or maybe now you even memorize songs that are viral because they are often used for TikTok content? This opportunity could be one of the reasons why you should show ads on TikTok.


The three reasons above you may be able to consider advertising your product using TikTok Ads. But before that, you must know first, who are tiktok users? Let's talk about it below.


Who are tiktok users?

I don't know, so don't love it. In order to maximize the function of TikTok Ads that you run, you should first recognize, who are the users of the application that also acquired this Based on data from WeAreSocial as of January 2021, there are 38.7% of internet users aged 16-64 years who use TikTok.

TikTok also claimed that users of their application came from Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z. In addition, data summarized by Katadata from Influencer Marketing Hub also recorded 10 of the most watched video categories, some of which are entertainment, dance, sports, beauty, and fashion.


However, if your business doesn't fall into the category that most TikTok users like, you can still reach your audience in your own way. Therefore, check out some types of TikTok Ads to add to your inspiration when you want to create ads.

Types of TikTok Ads

Before learning how to create TikTok Ads, you should know four types of  TikTok ads that can be used. Do not rule out the possibility that you can use more than one type or use a combination of both, depending on the idea and creativity you display in presenting ads.

In-feed Ads

In-feed ads are ads that usually appear in feeds when you scroll on TikTok. This type of ad is similar to the ads labeled "Sponsored" that usually appear on Instagram.

Brand Takeover Ads

This type of ad will appear when you access the TikTok application. This type of TikTok ad will appear a few seconds when the user plays the first video on the feed page. However, given the short duration, you should be able to serve interesting ads even if it's only a few seconds.


Branded Hashtag

Usually, this type of branded hashtag advertising is packaged in the form of a challenge or challenge. One example is the branded hashtag #biKINawetmuda run by Kin Dairy. This type of advertising you can use to increase user generated content (UGC) and increase awareness of hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

Branded Effects (AR technology)

Similar to video filters on other social media such as Snapchat or Instagram, TikTok also has this feature. The difference is, you can use effects on TikTok to advertise or run a campaign. An example is the following branded effects from Spotify.


Usually, the type of in-feed advertising and brand takeover is done by a reputable brand, because it costs more. But, if you're equally effective, it doesn't matter if you combine branded hashtags and effects. Have you started to consider?

How to Create TikTok Ads

After knowing the reason for creating ads on TikTok, who are the audience to the types of ads on TikTok, it's time to learn how to create TikTok Ads. Check out the full guide to creating TikTok Ads:

Create a TikTok for Business account

The first step to a complete guide to creating TikTok Ads is that you must have a TikTok for Business account used to manage the ads that will be served. See how to make it from the following explanation:

1. Visit the TikTok Ads page, then click "Getting Started" at the top right.

2. Login using a TikTok account or create an account first.

3. Register business information.

Add additional information such as website address, billing information, and a minimum balance of Rp200 thousand. Then click "Next" and you already have a TikTok for Business account.


Create an advertising campaign

On the TikTok Ads dashboard page, click "Create an Ad". Once you get to the next page, make sure you select Custom Mode at the top right. If you have, follow the following TikTok Ads wizard:

1. Campaign

There are two things you need to choose, namely the purpose of advertising (Advertising Objective) and additional settings in Settings.


2. Ad Group

Ad groups are created to differentiate ads in the same campaign. Usually, ad groups are used to do A/B Testing, but you can also use it for other purposes, such as distinguishing the location of the target audience and so on.


In addition to determining the name of Ad Group, there are several things that you can arrange, such as the type of promotion, ad placement to budget. Check out the following explanation:


Promotion Type: Determine where TikTok will drive your audience, to your website or mobile app. Placements: You can choose where to place your ikla, either automatically or you choose yourself (in the TikTok app or a third party). Here, you can also set whether your audience can leave comments or save videos of your ads.

Creative Type: You can enable a feature that allows TikTok to choose what content to display as ads based on the assets you choose to advertise, whether images, videos, or ad text.


Targeting: In this section, you can set who will be the target audience of your ad. You can choose based on demographics, operating system (OS) devices used up to as much as the type of video they like in the interest and behavior (Interest &Behavior) section.


Budget & Schedule: Cost for daily or lifetime? All day or at a certain hour? When do you want your ads to go live? Here are some things that you can determine in the Budget &Schedule section. If you want to be daily, you need to spend a minimum of Rp200 thousand, but if you want lifetime, you must spend at least Rp6 million.

Bidding &Optimization: This section is useful for arranging bids or auctions to balance the results you want to get, which in this example is the number of clicks. There are two bidding options, namely Bid Cap to ensure the cost per result is below your budget and Lowest Cost that can maximize advertising results, but you have to spend more budget.


3. Ad

This is the section that will directly regulate how your ads will be presented. You can choose existing content. But, this time we will make it from scratch, which starts from the determination of the name of the ad, the details of the ad to how you will track the ad report.


Here is an explanation of some of the menus in Ad:

Ad Name: This name is used to mark specific ads that are currently being created.


Ad Setup: You can choose the type of ad to display. But, if you want your ads to appear on the TikTok app (not third parties), make sure you're using videos instead of images.


Ad Details: This is the details section of content that will appear on your target audience's screen. You can choose to add files from your device, from your TikTok library, or create a new TikTok video with a duration of 5-60 seconds.


If you choose Single Image, your ads may not appear in the TikTok app, but in third-party apps that tiktok works with, such as TopBuzz, BuzzVideo, News Republic, BaBe, or Pangle.

After that, specify the display name for your brand, ad text, the type of CTA, and url that points to your product. If you want to find ideas for ad text, you can take advantage of the Smart Text feature that will display caption ideas based on the business industry, language, and key keywords.


Check how your ads will show by checking from the TikTok preview view on the right. When you're done setting up, click "Submit" on the bottom right. Wait a few seconds while TikTok Ads prepares your ads. Finish! If you want to create another ad, you can go back to the dashboard, select the campaign you want to create an ad for, and then create an ad from an existing Ad Group or create a new group.

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