how to earn money from instagram without 1000 followers

how to earn money from instagram without 1000 followers
how to earn money from instagram 

how to earn money from instagram without 1000 followers

How to earn money from Instagram is now widely chosen and popular. In addition to entertainment, it turns out that Instagram can make money.

Instagram has never stopped developing features in its apps and social media. Instagram's features are now not only used to share photos and videos.

The social media now also provides Instagram Shopping features and upload services with sponsors that you can use as a way to earn legal money.

So, how do you make money from Instagram? Check out the explanation and tutorial below.

How to Make Money from Instagram for Beginners

1. How to Make Money from Instagram Shopping

How to earn money from Instagram quickly can be done through the help of Instagram Shopping feature. This feature you can use if you have a business that offers products.

Instagram Shopping will make it easier for prospective consumers to access products offered through social media.

Later, the upload of photos or videos that you make can contain price captions and connect to e-commerce sites automatically. This method is certainly easier than writing in the caption of the post.

You have to make some arrangements before earning money from Instagram Shopping. Quoted from the Instagram for Business page, here are how to earn money from Instagram:

Submit a eligibility confirmation to the Instagram manager. In order for Instagram to confirm, you must meet the requirements requested by Instagram, fulfill Instagram's agreements and policies, and connect your Instagram account with a managed website.

After that, change the regular Instagram account you use into a Business Instagram account. Then, connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Upload a catalog of products you offer or connect your Instagram account to e-commerce used for buying and selling activities.

Instagram manager will conduct a review after you make the settings above.

You can immediately activate the Instagram Shopping shopping feature if Instagram gives approval.

Later, the label and price description of the product will appear do Instagram Feed or Instagram Story that you uploaded after making the settings above.

2. How to Make Money from Instagram Ads

In addition to Instagram Shopping, the way to earn money from Instagram can also be through paid uploads.

This feature works by way of Instagram being an intermediary for other businesses that will advertise. Then, you'll be the one serving the ad. That way, you will earn money from the ads offered.

In order to earn money from Instagram, the following are the provisions quoted from the Instagram help page:

  • Living in a qualified country.
  • Comply with community guidelines.
  • Comply with the Content Monetization Policy.
  • Share accurate information.
  • Meet the Payment Terms.
  • Establish an established existence.
  • Avoid systemic violations.

It is not a current government official, not a political candidate, not a political party, not a political commission, and not a government agency and institution.

After fulfilling the conditions provided by Instagram, you can get money from Instagram through paid posts by monetization method.

How to earn money from Instagram you can also do with other alternatives. You can build cooperation with the owner of products and services to advertise through your account.

Paid promotions that are usually done in the form of endorsements are often done by Indonesian celebrities and many other celebrities.