fb auto commenter 2021 free is safe and easy

auto free facebook comments manually can generate many comments on facebook posts up to thousands for free and safely, here is the full explanation.
fb auto commenter
fb auto commenter 

facabook auto commenter 2022

Ws.tutorial – auto free facebook comments manually can generate many comments on facebook posts up to thousands for free and safely, here is the full explanation.

Ever seen the same comment in large numbers on a facebook status? It is a result of fb auto comment or any other name of comment bot.

In this post, I will share a tutorial to get a lot of facebook comments for free and of course safe without the need to login and verify to get facebook comment auto.

What is facebook auto comment ?

 Auto facebook comments is one way to get facebokk comments instantly or in other words you can get free facebook comments without the need to pay automatically.

How to get facebook comments

 Directly enter the core discussion you can get free facebook auto comments manually using the uc browser as follows.

This way you can prank a Facebook friend by creating spam on their comments.

In addition, it can also be used to up posts in a group so that it appears at the top.

Fb Auto Comment Using Uc Browser

The way it works in the first tutorial is to take advantage of the loading time on the uc browser.

So when the browser uc is loading, we have to press the send as many comments as possible.

Maybe you don't believe it, but it works and I've tested it.

Here's How to Make Fb Auto Comments Via Uc Browser

1. Login facebook account from uc browser

Please open your browser uc application, then access the Facebook site and login.

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For the uc version, it's up to you, but the recommendations just use the latest one.

2. Select the target status and make a comment

Select a friend status or own status is also allowed for auto commenting attempts.

Next click the comment icon/menu, to write a comment.

Write anything up to you, for example up.

fb auto comment
After writing, just leave it alone first. See step 3.

3. Click the send as many comments as possible

When you press the button to submit a comment, loading will occur. You can see it in the browser addres bar section.

Well, during the loading process, press the send button repeatedly to make many comments with the same content.

auto comment fb uc browser
After loading is complete, your comments will appear according to the clicks when loading.

fb auto comment worked

Okay, until here you have made an fb auto comment by manual means. It's a bit complicated, yes the name is also manual.

 Even though it is done manually, in fact, you can get facebook auto comments in grais instantly and it is quite satisfying if you have a lot of comments on the Facebook posts you make.

So the above is a manual free facebook auto commenting method that you can practice directly at home safely, and if this article is useful, it would be nice if you share this article with other social media that you have. Thanks!

link auto commenter facebook
here are some free facebook comment auto links that you can use safely
  1. https://fb.vivoliker.com/auto-commenter
  2. https://vipfbtools.com/auto-commenter.php
  3. https://hublaalikes.com/comments
  4. https://zebrabuzz.com/facebook-comment-reply-tool/
  5. https://www.machine-liker.com/
  6. https://zebrabuzz.com/facebook-auto-liker-tool-zebrabuzz/
  7. https://autolikertools.com/
  8. https://phantombuster.com/automations/facebook/8465/facebook-auto-liker
  9. https://www.freeliker.net/
  10. https://fbliker.net/
  11. https://yolikers.com/
  12. https://fblikes.club/
tetap jadi diri sendiri dan bermanfaat untuk orang lain