How to Share / Share Location On Whatsapp, here's the Guide

How to Share / Share Location On Whatsapp, here's the Guide
Share Location On Whatsapp

how to share or share location on whatsapp,Quick and easy

 share location on whatsapp, Mobile phones are increasingly offering us smarter to make alternatives easier in life. Of course, one of the best advances is the choice of GPS built into these devices and allows us to get where you want quickly and without having to consult a third party.

 With the sophisticated technology in the smartphone then you can easily share your location to other contacts you go to, namely with the help of GPS on your phone then your friends will be able to easily find out and even find where you are quickly and precisely.

How to Share / Share Location On Whatsapp, here's the Guide

 Do you want to know about how to share your location on Whatsapp with friends or other contacts on your phone? In this article we will discuss how to share locations on WhatsApp with Android phones and iPhones.

How to share your location on WhatsApp

 Sharing location with your phone is the fastest way we have to explain to other contacts where we are so you can get straight to it. By enabling GPS and viewing city maps, contacts can visualize addresses and make them a reference point for, from their location, to reach where you are. It's best to do so, both on iPhone and Android, very easy.

The first step

 The first thing you should do is activate your location so that the device can detect it. If you try to share this information with other contacts without enabling GPS, the system will tell you that you must turn on Gps. 

The second stage

 Let's start with Android. Once you've enabled location, you'll need to sign in to WhatsApp and select the contact or group you want to share your location with. In the chat press the clip icon at the top of the conversation.

Step three

 There you will find some alternatives to share with that contact or group; You must select the Location option. By enabling GPS, the system will detect where you are and share the address with the selected person in a simple and fast way. It is also possible to share your current location or choose from different reference points near the area where you are as your store, restaurant, etc. Contact, after receiving the location. Click on it to go to your map and see where you are.

Fourth step

 In terms of iPhone, it's just as easy to share your location with Whatsapp. You must open the app and select the contact or group you want to share the address with. Then click the arrow icon located at the bottom left.

Fifth step

 The options menu will be displayed; You must choose Share location. Remember that in order to do so you have to turn on the GPS. Otherwise, you can't share it to the point where you are.

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