Money Making Application Direct To New Account

Money Making Application Direct To New Account
Money Making Application

a collection of money-making applications that you can use to increase income quickly, easily and safely

Direct Money Making Applications To New Accounts - Earning money with cellphones is not impossible to try. You can freely choose a money-making application to make money without capital that can be sent directly to a local bank or to PayPal.


Of course, without requiring an initial balance as capital, you only need to complete the missions given by each application. Later, the reward will be given in the form of points or coins that can be replaced with cash, credit or vouchers according to your wishes.


Some of the missions to try vary depending on the money-making app you choose. For example, playing games, trying certain applications, watching videos for paypal dollars, watching ads without skipping, recommending via social media, and reading news.


Not only rupiah can also be in the form of dollars sent by PayPal. Because this money-making application does not only have Indonesians, but also has people from outside the country who do not allow transfers via local banks in Indonesia.

The Money-Making Application can be an alternative source of income for residents' bonuses, ranging from students to office workers. The reason is, these applications share real benefits with a fairly tempting nominal.


The lack of mobility during the pandemic continues to provoke residents to further optimize technological growth as a source of income. The trick is also quite easy, just provide a smartphone and sufficient internet connection.


Fun isn't it? You can quickly make money with just an Android and iOS smartphone. You can get bonus income without having to leave your house and always stay at home.


After all, what is the use of technology and expertise if not used properly? Also, to be able to help economic problems like today. However, if you don't know which application can be used to get a bonus money income in 2021.


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You don't need to be afraid because on this occasion we will discuss various types of applications that can make money quickly. And here is the discussion.

The following are notes on money-making applications that can be a source of side income during the pandemic:

1. Likeit Lite Money Making App

Create a money-making application that was originally an application Likeit Like is a platform that offers various types of videos. And the method to make money with this application is very simple and compatible with other money-making applications.

You just need to watch videos, upload videos, and invite friends via the invitation code that you shared. To get the initial money of IDR 230,000, you can enter the invitation code A89356748.

2. Caping

Similar to Baca Plus, Caping allows consumers to consume news from various countries and various sources. Not only text material, there is also a news module with video format.

By reading or watching videos, the downloader of this application will get coins which can later be exchanged for money in digital wallets.

3. Video Snack App

It's the same with the Resso application, which can give you money or coins just by looking at the videos. You can also upload your creative videos and you can also earn lots of coins by logging in every day.

You can also invite friends to join using this application and you will also get bonus coins. Which you can later exchange for money. Many people say that this one money-making application really pays its users.

Judging from the large number of downloads of this application that has reached millions, it also makes many people continue to believe that this application is really convenient and pays off. You can also invite friends to get Rp 52,000 by using the invitation code 923 025 638.

4. CashApp

It's not a fake, a real moneymaker from missions that must be completed in CashApp. Some of these missions include installing and playing, watching videos, filling out surveys, and sharing opinions about certain applications.

You will be given credits for each mission. After that, redeem the credits to get cash. How easy and useful is not it?

5. CashPop

CashPop is a money making app that provides pretty easy rules. You just need to browse, chat, play social media, watch videos, watch music, play games without capital, read news, and watch ads without skipping.

You can convert the points you get into credit, internet quota, vouchers for various purposes, movie tickets, and even basic necessities. So there are several options we can choose for royalty payments to us later.

6. Earn Money

Earning dollars continues to be easy through the Earn Money application. The condition is that by watching videos the average duration is 40 seconds and clicking the 'like' button, the result is that you will get 0.1$ for each video.

Not only that, money worth 0.2$ you can have if you install and play money-making games directly into your account without capital and the application is recommended by Earn Money.

7. BuzzBreak

This application presents various kinds of news both from within and outside the country, which can increase the knowledge of its users. In order to attract the attention of readers, BuzzBreak distributes fees to its users. This application on Playsote and Appstore also allows its customers to watch videos, check-in every day, and invite friends to download BuzzBreak. The various methods above will certainly give you the right payment.

8. MPL Money Making App

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a money-making game application. As the name implies, this application provides various types of games that its users can play.

The winner in the game will get coins that can be transferred as a digital wallet balance. To download this application, you can try by clicking on the following page: https://id. mpl. live/.


Jakpat or Review Comments is an application that will share points with you by simply being a respondent. There should be many surveys based on themes, such as games, online shops, music, beauty, and lifestyle.

Points earned from filling out surveys can be exchanged for cash, line stickers, concert tickets and movie tickets. So there will be a lot of options that we can choose later.

10. TikTok Lite

Suggestions for money making applications for balance funds is the Tiktok Lite application. Surely you have recognized this one application, right? This very well-known application can certainly be an application that you can use to make money.

The trick is quite simple, you just need to watch the video, upload the video, and explore the prize events that are available. Not only that, you can also invite friends to use this application via the invitation code that you share.

If you successfully complete the tasks that we have mentioned, you will receive a reward in the form of coins which you can then convert into money. With these coins, you can also buy objects or buy food online which will certainly be profitable.

11. Helo Money Making App

The next money-making application is Helo, which is a video and image sharing application that was just launched in 2021. Of course, you can earn money and balances for free by inviting friends through the link you shared.

Every time you successfully invite friends using the invitation code that you have, then you will receive 62,000 cash using the invitation code D65984391. You can also do other activities such as watching and reading videos uploaded by others to earn more coins.

The coins you have can be turned into money that you can use to do anything.

12. Funluck App

The popular application, which is then called Funluck App, is an application in the form of a money-making game that you can use to make money the fastest for 2021.

In this application, you will be presented with various types of online games that you need to play to get a lot of coins. You also don't need to be afraid of its safety. Because many people say that this application is convenient and has been tested to pay.

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The final word

So that's the discussion about money-making applications that are proven to pay and of course safe, there's even a lot of evidence because many people have used them, so good luck and congratulations on making money with money-making applications.