What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Digital Marketing for Business? see the explanation


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Digital Marketing for Business? see the explanation
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It's good if we want to use something, we need to know the good and bad, the advantages and disadvantages, including here are the advantages and disadvantages of using digital marketing. We hope that when we understand it better, we can be more confident in deciding whether to use it or not.

It often happens, we become disappointed with something because we trust too much information about the advantages of a new thing, without anticipating any shortcomings or risks that might occur.

Digital Marketing is something new and relatively few understand it. Hopefully by reading this, you will become more aware of what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing that you will use.

Advantages of Using Digital Marketing

1. Facilitate Marketing Activities

Digital marketing is nothing but marketing activities using digital media. Simplifying here means that it is easy to get customers to increase marketing.

Digital is a technology to get more specific customers, namely attracting customers who have an interest in your product or service, so that the chances of sales are higher.

It is much clearer than marketing with canvasing techniques such as distributing brochures, advertising in newspapers, magazines, or coming to random houses.

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2. More Effective Marketing in Reaching Customers

We can target the number of visitors who come to our website or online store in a day. Using some digital marketing advertising media we can do this.

Unlike offline stores, we cannot control how many people come, depending on the people who come and it may be busy at certain times or events.

3. Very Low Advertising Costs

The field of marketing marketing will never be separated from advertising. It has been a long time since doing marketing will at least use advertisements, starting from advertisements in newspaper, magazine, radio and television columns.

We know the price of advertising in conventional media costs millions, tens and even hundreds of millions of rupiah which will be difficult to reach by small businesses.

While advertising on Digital Marketing can start from a budget of IDR 50,000 per day for Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

4. Marketing Data

In all aspects of digital advertising, both before and after advertising especially with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, the biggest advantage is data.

Data on which audience saw the ad, keywords searched for, gender, age, interests and location. All of the above data can be used to manage ads more effectively and efficiently.

Disadvantages of Using Digital Marketing

1. Difficult to Apply Without Knowledge and Experience

I can guarantee that even if you have a capital of 10 million to try Digital Marketing yourself, it will most likely be in vain. That is why many companies choose to use digital marketing agencies.

Even the most commonly used digital marketing dashboards such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager are very complicated to understand for a layman who is new to using it, it takes a long time to learn and get used to it.

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2. Requires Passion

I often meet clients, especially business people who find it difficult to learn and implement Digital Marketing such as SEO, SEM and SMM. Because everyone has a different passion in every field.

For example, the work of a repair shop mechanic will be very difficult to do if the person does not have a passion in the automotive world.

In fact, I've often taught several colleagues about SEO techniques, but most of them are less enthusiastic, because maybe it's not their passion.

What is the Best Solution for Implementing Digital Marketing?

1. Have Time and Spirit to Study

Everything can be learned if we have passion and take the time to keep learning. You can learn to go to seminars or special training about how digital marketing works and how to apply it to business.

2. Using Digital Marketing Expert Staff

In general, business people position themselves as managers and owners of the company, while the work of each field will be delegated to teams or employees who are experts in their fields.

the conclusion

 digital marketing is very useful and useful for developing the business that you are developing in other words the income from your business will increase very well and profitably